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    *soap opera - series about love, drama, passion etc. as an example you can remember "Friends", "Clone" etc.
    *thriller - a film, with an intense plot, lots of violence and weapons, mostly based on a plot of a serial killers, psyches or monsters.
    *western - mostly are telling about wild west, cowboys, Indians, honor and betrayal.
    *comedy - film with any plot, no mater it's a romantic comedy or black comedy with lots of humor, jokes. As an example you can mention "American pie", "Meet Fuckers" etc.
    *science fiction - plot is about future, or the past, as an option - alternative reality of nowadays.  There are usually a lot of hi;tech gadgets shown, people skills, aliens etc.
    *detective - a genre, that is about criminal умутеы - homicides, suicides, burglary, blackmailing etc. Mostly narration goes from detective's position, but sometimes - from criminal position.
    *horror - Alfred Hitchcock based genre of films, which is unique with it's function - to scare people, and to make the feeling of suspense. Almost always it's mixed with thriller, and is one of the most violent-full genres of the cinema.
    *drama - genre, that is most realistic, often about people, their life, tragedies and problems. In it's base often is a problem or an event, that took place in the past.
    *anime - japan cartoons, based on manga (japan comic books), with unique tecnick of drawing, like big eyes, small nose, lips, incorrect body proportions and etc.


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    *soap opera - bullshit
    *thriller - Michael Jackson
    *western - bullet in the ass
    *comedy - same as *soap opera
    *science fiction - Light Sabers FTW!!1
    *detective - my ass.
    *horror - Every fucking morning.
    *drama - my ass.
    *anime - <3


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    нелогично нифига ))))))))

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    wikipedia eng?

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