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    давай ты будешь выкладывать сюда все свои уроки, а мы от нефиг делать, будем их делать


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    Xhigh-voltageX 5 (4973)11023 10 лет  

    я пас

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    Wicked_Man (31) 4 (1495)411 10 лет  

    zapjatije v Anglijskom tozhe estj...  

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    olgap123 3 (837)1022 10 лет  

    A-This is an interesting question. I think that winters in Latvia became quite warm. Frosts are not strong.
    B-Usually in the summer, in Latvia is not so hot. Heat quickly and quietly disappears
    What do you think the weather will be like, next summer?
    It's hard to say. but I'd like it to be hot and sunny.
    And, what do you think about the climate changes in Latvia?
    The weather changes a lot at this point, so it is difficult for me to say. I hope that global warming won't affect much in our country.

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