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    the2ndHare 4 (1581)27 15 лет  

    Самые старые пользователи интернета: 102 года и около 105 лет, соответственно. Увы, оба уже скончались.

    Katherine Young (May 10, 1901 - October 24, 2005): "Five years later, on her 102nd birthday, she became a celebrity for being the oldest person to surf the Internet."

    Audrey Stubbart (1895-2000): "Though Young was considered the oldest known living user of the Internet, it should be noted that Audrey Stubbart (1895-2000), a copyeditor and columnist for the Independence Examiner until very shortly before her death at age 105, used the Internet at a greater age."

    Из ныне живущих… не уверен.


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    mklnz 5 (3859)124 15 лет  

    Сэр Тим Бернер-Ли.

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    GraveD (41) 4 (1337)26 15 лет  

    Тим Бёрнер Ли всего лишь изобрёл систему обмена гипертекстом. К созданию Интернета как такового он не имеет отношения. С другой стороны, многие люди, далёкие от компьютерных наук, зачастую отождествляют Интернет с системой World-Wide Web.

    По теме:

    A month later the second node was added (at Stanford Research Institute) and the first Host-to-Host message ever to be sent on the Internet was launched from UCLA. This occurred in early October when Kleinrock and one of his programmers proceeded to "logon" to the SRI Host from the UCLA Host. The procedure was to type in "log" and the system at SRI was set up to be clever enough to fill out the rest of the command, namely to add "in" thus creating the word "login". A telephone headset was mounted on the programmers at both ends so they could communicate by voice as the message was transmitted. At the UCLA end, they typed in the "l" and asked SRI if they received it; "got the l" came the voice reply. UCLA typed in the "o", asked if they got it, and received "got the o". UCLA then typed in the "g" and the darned system CRASHED! Quite a beginning. On the second attempt, it worked fine!

    Полагаю, искомый человек -- Леонард Клейнрок (Leonard Kleinrock).

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    ^RAPTOR^ (34) 4 (1950)310 15 лет  

    Даже не знаю )) ни разу не интересовался

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    kekc 7 (32811)657135 15 лет  

    А Кто самый первый ? =))

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