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    nexo4yregitsa 4 (1156)210 11 лет  

    a mne NormaljnO :P  Bonni - wife , i oni smisterom Clutterom - ( xlam po-russki ) sideli na vistupleniji do4eri Nancy .... Pervoe Namanoe zadanie  

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    valerija22 (35) 6 (10768)42856 11 лет  

    Может препод псих?

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    Gravity_of_Lust 4 (2336)37 11 лет  

    нифига себе... куда мы катимся.. :/

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    SublimatiON 7 (22605)31124 11 лет  

    кстати чтение я уверена что завалила...дебилизм полнейший, особенно про Олимпийские игры...ну да, кусок текста давать нельзя..я до сих пор не поняла кем являлась Бони или кто там этому мистеру Клутеру..

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    life_life 6 (6677)21534 11 лет  

    гр..ты все ответила м?)...

    вот этот кусок был...

    Ordinarily, Mr. Clutter's mornings began at six-thirty; clanging milk pails and the whispery chatter of the boys who brought them, two sons of a hired man named Vic Irsik, usually roused him. But today he lingered, let Vic Irsik's sons come and leave, for the previous evening, a Friday the thirteenth, had been a tiring one, though in part exhilarating. Bonnie had resurrected her "old self"; as if serving up a preview of the normality, the regained vigor, soon to be, she had rouged her lips, fussed with her hair, and, wearing a new dress, accompanied him to the Holcomb School, where they applauded a student production of Tom Sawyer, in which Nancy played Becky Thatcher. He had enjoyed it, seeing Bonnie out in public, nervous but nonetheless smiling, talking to people, and they both had been proud of Nancy; she had done so well, remembering all her lines, and looking, as he had said to her in the course of backstage congratulations, "Just beautiful, honey--a real Southern belle." Whereupon Nancy had behaved like one; curtsying in her hoop-skirted costume, she had asked if she might drive into Garden City. The State Theatre was having a special, eleven-thirty, Friday-the-thirteenth "Spook Show," and all her friends were going. In other circumstances Mr. Clutter would have refused. His laws were laws, and one of them was: Nancy--and Kenyon, too--must be home by ten on week nights, by twelve on Saturdays. But weakened by the genial events of the evening, he had consented. And Nancy had not returned home until almost two. He had heard her come in, and had called to her, for though he was not a man ever really to raise his voice, he had some plain things to say to her, statements that concerned less the lateness of the hour than the youngster who had driven her home--a school basketball hero, Bobby Rupp.

    Mr. Clutter liked Bobby, and considered him, for a boy his age, which was seventeen, most dependable and gentlemanly; however, in the three years she had been permitted "dates," Nancy, popular and pretty as she was, had never gone out with anyone else, and while Mr. Clutter understood that it was the present national adolescent custom to form couples, to "go steady" and wear "engagement rings," he disapproved, particularly since he had not long ago, by accident, surprised his daughter and the Rupp boy kissing. He had then suggested that Nancy discontinue "seeing so much of Bobby," advising her that a slow retreat now would hurt less than an abrupt severance later--for, as he reminded her, it was a parting that must eventually take place.

    Бонии это)) я написал там дочь.........а что жена?

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    senoRito4ka 6 (8693)21836 11 лет  

    prosto tot kto  sostavljal ne znajet anglijskij i 4itatj ne umejet:((

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    Ayame 4 (2275)21961 11 лет  

    Dezept1p^, я тоже написала, что дочь....) а вообще текст какой то корявый... =/

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    Karelia 6 (17662)641104 11 лет  

    у нас просто замеччательная, умная, и гуманная страна !
    а так же заседающе на верхушках.. что они опять доказали..

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    pilum 6 (17461)52146 11 лет  

    ну такое у нас образование... да это и нормально теперь у нас... :>

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