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Sev Arch 15. сентября, 2011.г.  
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ЙИП МАН!!! Он Был Есть И Будет Великим учителем Вин-Чуна! Так как ни кто не способен дарить столько знаний и принимать учение всю свою жизнь до самой смерти!!!!!!!!!
SanJoz1 30. ноября, 2007.г.  
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yip man  by jj1000, 5 months ago   Reply  [+1]   Thumbs Up  Thumbs Down    Trash

Yip Man was the master of wingchun that trained Bruce Lee in Hong Kong. He taught Bruce Lee the style of praying mantis based in wingchun which Bruce Lee combined with grappling, grecoroman wrestling and other styles of martial arts which formed Jeet Kune Do. The story of how Yip Man granted the title of wingchun master to Bruce Lee goes something like this... Before Bruce Lee left Hong Kong he had to display his mastery of wingchun by landing one clean punch or kick on Yip Man. The session lasted for approximately 24 hours before Bruce made solid contact. That should give you some idea how great Yip Man was given his age and Bruce Lee's youth and speed

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