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ага ты прав xD
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Apostackers Lyrics

Strophe 1:
My name is Gobot
I am a robot
And if my battery turns low
I am getting slow

Strophe 2:
My name is Tanic
And I’m mechanic
If you push my in the back
I will attack

We are called the apostackers
Made by mad computerhackers
Travelling trough the outer space
Leaving the magnetic trace

Push button one
All your sorrows will be gone
Push button two
we begin to move for you
Push button three
We will sing in harmony
Push button four
Then we start for you once more

Strophe 3:
My name is Juri
I am the fury
I am the toughest of us all
But I am small

Strophe 4:
My name is Greety
I am the sweety
As soon as someone starts a fight
I leave and hide

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