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Lenusik 2. сентября, 2007.г.  
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I was a girl with an empty space in my heart
I was a rock that stands on the empty beach, oh my God
I had no home, had no money, had no place to go
But, baby, you moved me on

I didn't cry, I didn't laugh
I had two eyes, but I was blind
I had no grief, no happiness
There was no order neither mess
I was always in between
humbleness and self-esteem
You made me live

I was a lonely girl till I met my man
Who will love me completely
And will understand me
I was a lonely girl,
But I found love so true
You enchanter, oh you-
See what you do with your voodoo

If you have lived,
You don't want just to exist anymore
Here is my heart, boy
I know you'll keep it in warmth
You have made me love,
Made me hate, too
I am thankful to you and,
Baby, you moved me on

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