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Deemer 18. января, 2008.г.  
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dorogovato vihodit, pustj naher idut eti izobretateljnie esnonci, i smajliki polu46e pustj sdelajut :D
Tvorog 18. января, 2008.г.  
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da ne, vi tipi4nie latishskie deti.
kr4 eto rabotaet :
tebe dajut kontrakt ot 3G UK.. eto svjazj 3G
platish 50 futnov
zatem 10funtov each month za sam telefon i tebe nado kredit samogo skype
KoDeK 31. октября, 2007.г.  
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blin ja sebe takoj xo4u zvonitj besplatno i boltatj 4asami =]
Quq 31. октября, 2007.г.  
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Banish thoughts of downloading third party software or wearing a nifty headset, Skype has officially gone mobile, thanks to 3.

The network's VoIP dedicated phone couldn't be easier to use. Just paw the central button, flick through your contacts and make free calls. Frankly, it’s foolproof and is going to send Skype into the mobile stratosphere.

Then there's the price: only £50 for the handset on pay as you go. You'll need to top up a tenner every month to get free Skype, but you'll race through that credit in no time.

It's nothing short of a giant leap in the mobile world. Now, which other networks are going to listen up and get with the VoIP programme?

Head here to check out our exclusive video and gallery. We love 3's new toy so much that it's picked up our Gadget of the Week award. Well done folks.
Quq 31. октября, 2007.г.  
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Причём сеть во всех городах... незнаю как это но вот существует...
DY 31. октября, 2007.г.  
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da nu na*

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