I stand here in this tiny cage
with bars between me and the world.
The walls are so very thin
so why can't I get out?
People pass by me all the time
and they never even see me.
I cry and beg from within my cage
but no one seems to care.
I'm standing in a crowed room
screaming out for help
but no seems to hear me
why can't they ever see?
You think that my life's perfect
and that I'm always great.
Why can't you ever see
behind this mask I'm forced to wear?
You think because I'm smiling
that everything is fine.
You think because I'm laughing
that there's joy within my heart.
If you could only take the time
to look beyond this mask
and see inside my world
you'd see my hope is dead.
I'm holding on by so little
and the pain is building fast.
If you think that I'm worth saving
then will you please just hear my cry.
I need someone to break me …

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