running away from home.. running away from a place that you have always known.. running away from everything that has been familiar.. from people whom you have called friends..
running in the world.. with hopes.. with unknown feeling butterflies in the stomach.. with light look on things.. and with wondering about new things that you meet in your way..

sometimes we need to leave our safe places, just to get something alot better and closer to our hearts..
but its always good to remember way back.. to meet our dear people and places..

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incz 25. novembrī, 2007.g.  
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maybe... and maybe not..
nLighted 25. novembrī, 2007.g.  
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incz 24. novembrī, 2007.g.  
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but we have to run away to be able to return.. :)
kris4a 24. novembrī, 2007.g.  
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newer runing away , becouse home is that place, where you always guide=)
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